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Driveways and Patios -

Imprinted Concrete and Resin Bound Stone


We lay patios and driveways in the Reading area

Enhance kerb appeal and add value to your property with a professional installation from Taylormade Driveways. Much of the work that we do as a driveway company takes place in the Reading area. We are your local specialists for pattern imprinted concrete and resin-bonded driveways, two low-maintenance solutions that can also be used to create patios.


Every project undertaken by our driveway company is completed in-house from start to finish. We never use subcontractors or external companies to work on our driveways. Every aspect of any installation in Reading, from the excavation and groundwork to the laying of your preferred surface, is completed by our own contractors.


Whenever you choose to have pattern imprinted concrete and resin-bonded driveways laid by our company, you’ll never need to worry about low quality workmanship, poor use of on-site safety practices or the laying of inferior materials. Our driveway company delivers the complete installation service and our workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed.



Complete Design Flexibility with Pattern Imprinted Concrete


If you have chosen to have your Reading property enhanced by one of our pattern imprinted concrete driveways, you’ll instantly benefit from a huge selection of colours and patterns that add their own unique styling to the project. Pattern imprinted concrete can be laid in a colour that matches existing design themes perfectly.


Our driveway company is one of the very few to cover the Reading area as a genuine pattern imprinted concrete specialist. This innovative material is impermeable to weed growth, will not sink or spread, is highly resistant to stains and requires very little in the way of maintenance once the installation has been completed.



Non-Slip Benefits with Resin-Bonded Driveways


Property owners in Reading who use our company for resin-bonded driveways never need to worry about slips and falls, even during the cold and icy winter months. Resin-bonded surfacing is perfect for driveways or patios and delivers a slip-resistant finish that makes it particularly suitable for use on properties where there are elderly people present.


Resin-bonded driveways, much like pattern imprinted concrete, require very little maintenance. A two-stage application system provides a textured finish that is 100% impermeable. Driveways laid using this material are compliant with SUD regulations and provide clients in Reading with a low-cost installation that is virtually maintenance-free.


Contact Taylormade Driveways now on (07971) 459013 to discuss your needs with a reputable driveway company in Reading, Berkshire.