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Your questions answered about our Berkshire driveway company

Taylormade Driveways have successfully laid a huge number of driveways and patios in the Berkshire area. We’re a trusted and reputable driveway company that specialises in pattern imprinted concrete. Homeowners in Berkshire can also use us for the installation of resin-bonded driveways and patios.

Here, we answer some of the many questions we face when meeting clients for the first time. If you have any further questions about driveways and patios afterwards, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to assist you with your enquiries.


What are your business credentials?

Our driveway company has over 25 years of local and regional experience. We have successfully installed many driveways and patios during this time. Clients in Berkshire return to use us again, or they recommend us to others, because we’re a customer-focused company that never uses external contractors on its projects. When we lay driveways, our contractors use modern industry practices and adhere to the latest Health and Safety guidelines at all times.


What are the benefits of pattern imprinted concrete?

We think that one of the biggest benefits of pattern imprinted concrete is design flexibility. We can help you choose from a multitude of styles and patterns so that new driveways and patios blend in perfectly with any ongoing garden theme. Pattern imprinted concrete also provides a slip and weed-resistant finish for our Berkshire clients.


What can you tell me about resin-bonded driveways?

It’s important to know that resin-bound driveways and resin-bonded driveways are two different things. Resin-bound driveways are water permeable while resin-bonded driveways require soakaways and drainage. Both are a low-cost solutions for homeowners in Berkshire that deliver exceptional durability and style.


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. All materials and labour are supported by insurance-backed warranties. All driveways and patios laid in the Berkshire area are completed in-house so there’s never any chance of external contractors jeopardising our reputation. Our driveway company is fully insured and we provide free, no-obligation quotations.


Contact Taylormade Driveways now on (07971) 459013 to discuss driveways and patios for your Berkshire property.