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Why do people in Reading and Berkshire invest in new driveways?

While a driveway is an essential part of a property, allowing you to access your home and park your car, you may wonder whether it’s worth replacing old driveways just because they’ve “seen better days”. We often ask our Reading and Berkshire clients the reason for their investment, and we usually get the same handful of replies.


In this blog post, we’ve looked to list down a few of the most common reasons we find ourselves building new driveways for homeowners and companies in the Reading and wider Berkshire area.



Driveways Boost Curb Appeal


Curb appeal refers to how attractive a residential or commercial property is when viewed from the outside. It’s not just estate agent slang, and isn’t just relevant when selling your property. After all, you want your home to look pleasant when you’re living in it, not just when moving out! Well laid new driveways look fantastic. Whether it’s a relatively simple, minimal aesthetic you’re going for – or something with a little more creative flair – Taylormade Driveways can help. We’ve designed and installed both sorts countless times for clients in Reading and surrounding areas in Berkshire.



Driveways Increase Property Market Value


Now this is a little estate agent-y, but bear with us. Well-built driveways can significantly improve properties’ market value. This essentially makes them a long-term investment that you can instantly use and enjoy. In some cases, where Reading and Berkshire clients have had really, really shoddy driveways – the installation of a new one has actually paid for itself, or even made them a profit. Unless you’re selling up immediately, this is unlikely to happen. But who doesn’t want to boost the value of their home, even just a little bit?



Driveways Can Increase Parking Space


We’ve tended to many cases around Reading and Berkshire where old driveways have been awfully constructed, restricting the amount of space available for parking. If this sounds all-too familiar, then don’t worry – Taylormade Driveways is here to help. We can dig up your old driveway, and build one that maximises the space you have available. This will make it more functional, and therefore more enjoyable to use.


Considering in investing in new driveways around Reading or Berkshire? Please all Taylormade Driveways on 07971 459 013.