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How a driveway company installs resin bound driveways in Reading

Interested in how a driveway company goes about laying resin bound driveways? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, the experts at our Reading driveway company have explained the process for the benefit of our Berkshire clients.



Resin Bound Driveways, Step-by-Step


PLANNING – A driveway company must consult with their client to decide on a colour for the resin bound driveway, and whether standard or UV stable resin is required. The latter type won’t fade in colour due to exposure to the sun (as little as it seems to hit Reading and Berkshire). If you choose standard resin, it will still take a long period of time for you to notice any change in colour, and even then it’ll be subtle. After a decision has been made, precise measurements will be made.


You’d be surprised at how many contractors are lazy when taking measurements, looking to rush through a job as quickly as possible. Choose a reputable driveway company like ours in Reading, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your driveway will be planned and delivered perfectly.



PREPARATION – This stage depends on whether the driveway is being laid on the top of an existing surface, or a new sub-based is being installed. In the case of the former, a driveway company will widen all cracks in your surface, before making sure it’s dry, free of weeds and free of algae. Beware the amateur or cowboy driveway company operating in Reading and Berkshire. They’ll rush this stage, which could cause complications down the line.


If building a new sub-base, edgings will be fixed in place with sand and cement, and 150mm of quality aggregate will be compacted with a vibrating roller. On top of this base layer, concrete or tarmac will be laid. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, which should be explained to you by the driveway company you choose (hopefully Taylormade Driveways)!


Another part of the preparation stage is setting up and mixing materials. A forced action mixer will be used to mix up resin, kiln dried sand and aggregate. This requires precise measuring, as too much of any one element may compromise the integrity of the driveway itself. The mix will then be poured into a wheelbarrow, ready to lay.



LAY THE MIX – The mixture will be spread with a trowel, which should be wiped down with white spirit every now and again, for ease of application. Multiple mixes will likely be required, as each is only good for around half an hour. After that, it begins to set and is difficult to lay. Any good driveway company in Reading or Berkshire will be sure to add in glass bead from time to time, which helps create an anti-slip surface.


Hey presto, you have a new driveway! It’s a fairly straight forward process but considering the amount of time it requires, and the fact a driveway is a fairly significant investment, you want a reputable and skilled driveway company working on yours. Live in Reading or around the Berkshire area? Call in Taylormade Driveways. We’ll get the job done properly, at an affordable price.



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